Where are you from ?

I moved to Amsterdam when I was 18 and I have been living here for over 12 years now, so I really like to call this my hometown.

What do you do & and what inspired you to begin this journey?

I think I would like to call myself a floral artist, drawing inspiration from Amsterdam's vibrant floral culture. The pandemic prompted me to reflect on personal and creative growth.

Influenced by artists like Benjamin Avery, Hamish Powell, and Lisa Cooper, I aim to redefine how people perceive flowers through my arrangements, viewing them as pure art forms.

Could vou share a wine that's particularly memorable to you?

I remember having a wine named PΓ©pin a few years ago at a garden party and I knew right away that I really loved this particular wine. It's a light orange wine from France and it's very floral (suiting much). I think it has notes of cinnamon, peach and orange and it's very nice with cheese.

What draws you to Natural wines?

I like how they feel always bit more light. I'm definitely a fan of wines but not always in the mood to drink heavy wines And I know It may sound stupid, but I could definitely buy a wine just for the nice visual label which I feel most Natural wines have.

Where is your favorite place in Amsterdam?

Amstelveld on Mondays. I call it my happy place. From March till October you can probably find me there every Monday buying flowers, cheese and fresh veggies. Amstelveld is a little square surrounded by beautiful trees in the heart of Amsterdam and on a nice sunny day it feels like you're in the south of France. A lot of stylish people, young and old, starting their weeks of by a visit at the market. A must visit!!!!

Do you have any other suggestions for things to do or places to visit in the city?

I would say cycle to Amsterdamse bos, have late lunch somewhere in the 9 streets, Visit restaurant de Gouden Reaal, and have a wine after at Bar Parry and you probably will have a day you won't regret.

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