Soda Stories

Soda Wine presents Soda Stories, a collection of portraits featuring creative individuals from the design, photography, food, and wine industries who live in Amsterdam and beyond.

  • Ramon (Il Pleut Des Fleurs)
    Ramon (Il Pleut Des Fleurs)
    Where are you from ?I moved to Amsterdam when I was 18 and I have been living here for over 12 years
  • Lisa (The Collection One)
    Lisa (The Collection One)
    Where are you from ? I was born in a small town in the east of the Netherlands, but I have been living in Amsterdam...
  • Mark (Powertools)
    Mark (Powertools)
    Where are you from ? I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. Home of the (soon to be Super Bowl Champions) Browns...
  • Nada (Fabus)
    Nada (Fabus)
    Where are you from ? I am from Dubrovnik, Croatia...