Where are you from ?

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. Home of the (soon to be Super Bowl Champions) Browns.

What do you do & and what inspired you to begin this journey?

I'm a visual artist but that kinda sounds pretentious so we can go with digital laborer (see my work here : Powertools Studio).
It all started for me watching skate videos and one day having the epiphany of what a fish eye lens does.

Could vou share a wine that's particularly memorable to you?

L'Anglore - Tavel, it was introduced to me as the best wine in the world and it did not disappoint.

What draws you to Natural wines?

The French taught me about them and I trust their judgment when it comes to food, wine and new wave cinema.

Where is your favorite place in Amsterdam?

De School, to me it felt like a glimpse of a Utopia how it transformed an existing structure into such a communal epicenter. It saddens me to see it go.

Do you have any other suggestions for things to do or places to visit in the city?

In the wintertime I recommend checking out Schiphol or Central Station.

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