Mathias Lopez in his vineyard - 2023

SEM vi de casa is a project initiated by Mathias and Damien but now led by Mathias Lopez alone. Mathias, a former Maître de Chai with experience in various regions, now manages 2.6 hectares of vineyards in Roussillon, moving towards organic farming.

He cultivates Grenache Noir in Maury and Muscat Petit Grain with Macabeu in Corneilla-la-Rivière. All vineyard and cellar work is hand-done, and winemaking involves minimal intervention, using basic equipment and a few barrels for aging.

What inspired you to become a winemaker?

When I was young, I was always immersed in the world of viticulture thanks to my family. As I grew up, I wanted to delve deeper and learn how to make wine. My passion came from there.

How did you choose the name of your estate? And the name of your vintages?
The "domaine" was born out of an idea with my best friend. So, "sem", which means "we are" in Catalan, clearly demonstrated our partnership. For the cuvées (No Tv, Magie Noire and Saudade) the names are often related to my friends or close ones.

What is your favorite cuvées from your estate?
I don’t really have a favorite vintage; each one has its own story to tell.

What's your favorite wine color (red, white, orange, rosé)?
I have a tendency to prefer white wines. I am very sensitive to the tension of a wine, and often white wines impress me more than reds and other colors.

What is your favorite grape variety in general?
I love the white Carignan. It's a very rare grape variety these days, difficult to grow in the vineyard, tricky to vinify, but when it's understood, it produces something incredible.

How do you know if the wine you're drinking is good?
It depends on the moment, who I'm drinking it with, and what it's paired with...

What's the most memorable bottle of wine you've ever had? Who did you drink it with?
It's hard to name just one, but a memory that comes to mind was the "Plume d’ange 2017" from Cailloux du Paradis by Claude Courtois. I had it at the Del Pla bar in Barcelona with my best friend. A very good memory.

What are your go-to restaurant/wine bar recommendations near you?
In Perpignan, I would undoubtedly say the Baston restaurant, my regular spot. A cozy place with by far the best wine list in Roussillon. Manat restaurant offers precise and flavorful dishes, resulting from the union of a Catalan and a Japanese – a must-try! And at the entrance to the Hautes Corbieres, a special mention for Café des Sports in Padern by Pierre Jancou, a unique place!

What do you eat when you have a glass of wine?
Generally, I let my host guide me.

Which vintage/estate from your region would you recommend?
Again, it's challenging to name just a few... Demena in Paziols, La Recerca in Vingrau, Sensa Presa in Padern, Riberach in Belesta, Mataburro in Rivesaltes, Danjou Banessy in Espira, Matassa in Case de Pene... and many more. Roussillon is often underrated but is full of vibrant and passionate winemakers.

Which winemaker's work do you currently appreciate? / What should we be drinking right now?
I would say the Demena estate, the work of the Agelet family. They know their Paziols terroir perfectly. For years, they have practiced sensible peasant viticulture, produced beautiful grapes, and since 2013, have made wines without additives and in line with current trends.

How do you decide the optimal time to bottle your wines?
I trust my tasting instincts. My wines are quite fluctuating, going through various phases. When I'm satisfied with the aging process, I bottle. Always in line with the lunar calendar, on fruit or flower days.

What are your future projects and the experiments you plan for your estate?
In the future, we'd like to confirm the promise of our first vintage. Develop our aging processes. New vintages are coming, especially with the addition of new vines, notably gray and white Carignan.

Interview made in October 2023.

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