Damien Petitfils in his vineyard - 2023

Damien just released his first-ever batch of wine named Aozina. Before this, he ran a tree-trimming business and sometimes helped out his friend Sébastien Agelet at De Mena winery. Last year, he decided to start his own winery and took over some vineyards in the Latour de France area in Roussillon.

He has 4 hectares of vines spread out over 6 different plots of land, which are mostly on rocky soil. Damien grows a variety of grapes including small-grain Muscat, Muscat of Alexandria, Grenache Noir, and Syrah. His winemaking space is in Planèze, a small town right near his vineyards. For his debut wine, Damien made all of his wines naturally, without adding any wine-making chemicals or sulfites.

What inspired you to become a winemaker?
I've always been surrounded by vineyards, and I worked at a cooperative cellar when I was younger. After spending 13 years in a harness doing cliff work and pruning trees, I decided to return to the ground and work the land. Several winemaker friends inspired me to make natural wine.

How did you choose the name of your estate? Of your cuvées?
The name of my estate "Aozina" is that of the first plot of land I bought. It means "green oak" in Occitan. Since I really like trees, it was a good fit.

What is your favorite cuvée from your estate?
I don't really have a favorite among my wines.

What is your favorite type of wine (red, white, orange, rosé)?
I've always had a preference for macerations of white grapes, the orange wines.

What is your favorite grape variety in general?
I have a slight preference for Grenache Gris and Muscat (in maceration).

How do you know when the wine you are drinking is good?
When I have a good time tasting it.

What is the most memorable bottle of wine you've ever drunk? Who did you drink it with?
A Radikon, with my wife and friends.

What are some good restaurants/wine bars near you?
Kimchi Kimchi in Perpignan, Le Coq à l'Âne in Latour-de-France, and Café Carton in Caramany.

What do you eat when you have a glass of wine?
It depends on the wine, but I really enjoy spicy food, I find it goes well with macerations.

Which cuvée/domain from your region would you recommend?
There are some beautiful wines to discover from the new winemakers in Latour-de-France.

Which winemaker's work do you currently appreciate? What should we be drinking right now?
I've always really liked the wines from Sébastien Agelet at Domaine De Mena.

How do you decide the optimal time for bottling your wines?
I generally bottle according to the phases of the moon.

What future projects and experiments do you have planned for your estate?
I made a white and a rosé from the 2023 harvest. Those are the new things.

Interview made in November 2023.

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