Where are you from ?

I am from Dubrovnik, Croatia

What do you do & and what inspired you to begin this journey?

I am a wine bar manager and co-owner of Fabus. I think the magic of artisanal food and products is what drew me toward wine and my upbringing up and cultural ties to wine and winemaking.

Could vou share a wine that's particularly memorable to you?

The first are often the most memorable, so in my case that would be big, jammy, tannic Plavac Mali reds from the Croatian Peljesac region. I will not name any names, but many hold a special place in my heart and have definitely influenced my life's trajectory.

What draws you to Natural wines?

I find natural wines endlessly fascinating because of their diversity and incredible range and the fact that there is so much to learn.

I also enjoy the culture surrounding them that connects many amazing people I have met. For myself, good wine, as a concept is present in so many different categories of our existence - emotional, artistic, scientific... so it's really hard to narrow it down to something that is just a hobby and a little drinky.

Where is your favorite place in Amsterdam?

Probably one of the many cinemas Amsterdam has - top ones being Lab111 or Kriterion.

Do you have any other suggestions for things to do or places to visit in the city?

I would suggest just walking around and in case of rain, looking for shelter in a cozy bar.

Any other recommendations elsewhere that we should know about?

I have my hidden gems around the world that I would prefer to stay hidden.

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